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I have always felt a deep curiosity for people and life.

During my travels I wanted to get to know as many people as possible and myself. I staid in different ashrams and became an accredited Yoga and Meditation teacher afterwards. In Germany I graduated as a Personal Life Coach at the ILS and moved afterwards back to Maastricht, The Netherlands.


How I Can Help You

  • You will feel empowered and know what to do next!

    1 hr

    60 euros
  • Private Yoga and a plan to follow during the week tailored to you!

    1 hr

    starting at 40€/h
  • A workshop that will teach you how to find a more balanced lifestyle.

    to be discussed

Gabriele Gudaityte, wholistic massage therapist

Christian has an extremely vibrant personality. His energy and passion for life are contagious and inspiring for those around him. He will be the person who pushes you to walk that extra mile by reminding your goals and keeping you motivated when you most need it. The inner peace and calmness that radiate from Christian is another extraordinary quality of his. This, combined with his enthusiasm, step by step, takes him and those he accompanies, a long way.

Jo Stitzinger, Supply Account Manager

I got to know Christian as an open-minded and accessible personality who is enthusiastic and passionate in what he does.

Super nice to have you in the city of Maastricht and I’m looking forward to the next yoga class!

Bobby Steins, student

Christian is a caring, polite and very helpful professional. He will supply you with all the tools and information that you might need to reach your goals and have you apply them in a way that you deem to be comfortable. He also pays enough attention to find out what your needs are beyond what you think they might be and will wait for the right time to either make you see for yourself or eventually point out to you that there might be more you want to be looking into.



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