Passionate About living the best possible version of myself

In 2014 I started with my personal and spiritual journey in Maastricht. It happened quite "accidentally" as a friend of mine said that he was going to a meditation event and I joined in.

Meditation intrigued me a lot and even though I felt that I "did not get it" I saw it as a challenge and worked on centering an becoming myself. Soon it became a daily practice for me and I am still surprised by the effects meditating has on my life! Finding balance in your life and working on yourself has an effect on so many areas of life, on all areas of life. I love the fact that there is nothing left out, no topic that is not worthy to be looked at, no real taboo.

In my work I focus on providing a safe space for everyone to experience themselves and find a connection to their deeper selves. This goes together with being critical towards the system but more so in a proactive approach. With this I mean to use the given structures to help you make a change in the world and your own life.

Then you can see that everything you need is withing yourself and that you are your own savior and best friend.


  • Hatha Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance 200 + 50 hrs)

  • ILS Personal Coaching/psychological advising (15 month study in Germany)

  • Practicing Coaching at Olde Vechte Foundation Ommen (70 hours)


  • Ongoing meditation and Yoga practice since 6 years

  • Various stays in Yoga Ashrams (Australia, Germany, The Netherlands)

  • 3 years of Yoga teaching experience


Tel: +31622346011



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