Growth zone

It is very natural to fall back into a habit of being comfortable. Once settled on our couch or bed in the warmth and coziness it can feel incredibly difficult to find the motivation to get up and do something, to get up and grow. For a long time I have been on the very other side of the spectrum and as you can see in my little drawing on the periphery of the circle is the panic zone. This is the area where you feel overwhelmed by life and where the challenge is too demanding. In the long run this is definitely as dysfunctional as the comfort zone. We want to position ourselves somewhere in the middle, in the growth zone. There is nothing comfortable about the area where we grow but we want to keep it in a way that is not overly challenging for ourselves.

We want to be in a state where we can still look after ourselves and listen to the needs of our bodies. Being in the growth zone means that you will try out new things and do mistakes. There is no way around it and mistakes help us learn, help us succeed. Yet however you are not asking too much from yourself. You do not ask yourself to be aware of 10 things at the same time in the beginning but maybe start with the most important things. Over time I took on more and more responsibilities within my life and gently broadened the number and intensity. If you do it this way and stay in contact with yourself it will be a sustainable growth over a longer amount of time. Reaching different stages of life you will then understand how you got there and can therefore pass it on to other people. Sharing your knowledge is beautiful and brings societal value to it.

I really like how a friend would always ask me whether my goals were 20% out of my comfort zone. Making sure that they were not impossible to attain for me it still took effort for me to reach them.

In the beginning of my life I spent a lot of time in comfort zone because I did not really see what I needed to do to get where I wanted to be. In fact I did not even know where I really wanted to be…

In the process of finding out I reached a point where I got a very clear vision. Then I knew where I wanted to go with my life and who I wanted to become. Putting all of my efforts into manifesting the new findings. Not knowing better I put myself repetitively out there into the panic zone. Even though I was growing, it was a painful process and not seldom did I feel the terror of overly challenging myself. Reading a lot of philosophical books was a very unsettling and ungrounding experience. I really wanted the opposite of what I knew from beforehand as fast as possible. This feeling of a hopeless stagnation regarding my inner life, my dreams and visions was something I chose not to accept anymore.

During the last few years I found a way more gentle approach with myself and learn now in a way that is way more sustainable and kind to myself. The best news is that when you keep yourself repetitively out of the comfort zone, growth zone becomes your new comfort zone. Nowadays I feel very uncomfortable and like I was wasting my time and life when I slip into the comfort zone. It is like an inner engine that keeps going as soon as it has some momentun. That does not mean that I was never still as practices such as meditation are a very integral part of my life. I learned over the years that it is not about fixing or optimizing yourself but more about finding a healthier way of being and a more resilient attitude towards life and the circumstances we are facing.

If you feel like you can relate to this experience and want to look for some fulfilment, book your free personal intake call with me where we will explore how we can work together. I would love to work with you and function as a sparring partner when it comes to the purpose of your life.

Namasté and lots of beauty to you,


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