Sail boat metaphor

Every single one of us experiences discomfort, pain, anger, grief, illness or any other kind of unpleasantness in life. All of this exists next to all the comfortable experiences we have. It can be quite challenging to find a constructive way to deal with our suffering:

• If we just lean back and passively observe our suffering, pessimism and depression can creep in and fully overwhelm us. • If we deny the uncomfortable situations of life, then we are lying to ourselves and continue living in a bubble. An awesome visualization of the relationship between suffering and beauty is the metaphor of a sail boat. The part of the hull that is below the water represents the suffering in all of its different shapes and forms. This includes our biographical difficulties, our destructive thinking habits, our anger, our sadness, etc. Our everyday life is symbolized by the part of the hull which is above the water. This means all the little rewards and beautiful moments, the playfulness and the jokes, our distractions, etc. The stretched sails represent the beauty, visions, wonders, the clarity and cleanliness and the longer-term satisfactions. Without the sails the boat could not start moving into a direction where the captain wants it to go. If there are no sails the boat simply stays where it is or is passively moved around without ever taking any direction or reaching the point where it wants to be. But when the boat has a leakage in its hull even the best sails won’t help it moving forward. I really love this model because it makes a very complex inner relationship so easily graspable and visible. It helped me to relate to my current situation a lot and showed me clearly where I am at. I hope it has a similar effect for you! Namasté and have a nice day, Christian

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